Day 100

Day 100- March 10, 2021 #RunningStreak

You are looking at a streaker lol more like a 40-somethin’, mom, therapist, and now, a “100-days run streaker”.

I did it!

I survived 100 consecutive days of running outside for at least one mile or more. This journey started Dec 1st, 2020. I set out a goal to run for the entire month of December. After I hit that goal, I wanted to keep going; 100 sounds like a good I did just that.

Setting a goal and committing to run daily left no room for excuses, because I know it has to be done. Sharing my progress with my fam and friends helped me stay motivated and accountable. I’m getting better sleep, so I’m more energized, less anxious, and less stressed. My legs still feel sore every now and then, but using the Hypervolt by Hyperice massager works wonders to loosen up my muscles.

I like starting my morning with a run; I look forward to it after a long day; and a midday run to get that afternoon pick me up. So any time of day is a good time to get out and hit the pavement.

I have my 2nd Covid vaccine scheduled for tomorrow and I’ve been warned that I may be sick for a few days, but I’m really hoping no matter how bad I feel, I can still get out and run???? we will see…wish me luck!

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