Day 80~Motivation

Day 80 February 18, 2021 #Runningstreak

Motivation is built as we gain momentum…

Day 80 of my running streak, y’all! I can’t believe I’m still going. Running outside everyday for at least a mile or more. It sure hasn’t been easy. Running while on vacation, in rain, snow, stormy wind, even while feeling nauseous after getting the covid vaccine- I still managed to get myself out there and got those miles in. I’ve also had several of those days when I just wanted to stay in bed and many times struggling to find the ounce of motivation to get out there. But there’s that little voice in my head…maybe not so little, more like the bossy voice in my head that reminds me… “You made it this far, why stop now?”

I have to keep the momentum because that is how motivation is built.

Motivation is the feeling; the willingness to reach your goal and momentum is the action that can get us closer to what we want to achieve.

If you’re like me and have had those unmotivated days…whether it’s getting back in shape or working on a project you’ve been neglecting because you are feeling like you are lacking motivation; try replacing that thought with lacking momentum instead; try taking smaller actions. Breaking down the tasks into smaller, manageable pieces to build that momentum..and keep going.

Good luck!

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