Find the Joy in Small Things

Being Present to Reduce Anxiety

Find a way to remind yourself to open all your senses to what is happening around you. When you allow yourself to be fully present with intent, you will not only improve your mental health but your relationships as well.

Being fully present with my kids is on the top of my list for anxiety and stress reliever. This means, not trying to multi-task while playing or interacting with them. I’m guilty as I’ve done it before; trying to reply to an email or think about what else needs to be done on my to do list.

Us Moms, we barely have anytime to ourselves so we try to do as much as we can to be as productive as we can.

The downside of this; you will find that you miss out on so much of the little things that make these moment last.

Every time I look at my “not-so-little-anymore” boys’ faces, I am reminded of how much they are changing and growing everyday.

Whether it’s ten minutes or thirty minutes of playing Battleship, Connect Four, Chess or our all time favorite game; Candy Land (the very first board game they’ve every played since they were two years old, and still love today), my full attention is on them and on that very moment. I am aware and in-tuned with the sounds of their own unique laugh. I notice my son, Gavyn’s quirky facial expression when he tries to suppress a smile. I observe my youngest, Grant’s eyes open wider when he picks up the “peppermint” card. I can go on and on.

Being mindful helps me remember the little details of small moments like these and cherish them. Their faces are my reminder to be present in the moment.