Happy Read To Me Day!

“Happy International Read To Me Day” 

I just learned about “International Read to Me Day” today, March 19th. This made me pause and reflect on “mom life” and how reading to my boys have been such a priceless daily routine that we do. I have started reading to Gavyn and Grant from the moment I learned I was pregnant! Yes, I was reading to my belly bump – to when they were infants – up to this very day; they are now 10 and 8 years old. Now they are amazing readers and are reading chapter books on their own. Bedtime stories are becoming less frequent and has been replaced with all of us reading together as “family reading time” instead. But every now and then, they would choose their favorite Dr. Seuss book or a Percy Jackson book to have me read to them at night. I cherish those moments. 

So enjoy a great book with your little ones today. If you’re pregnant, read to your bump out loud. Science shows that reading to your baby in the womb helps develop early language learning. Reading to your child at any age can boost brain development and a perfect opportunity to connect and bond. That in itself, has lots of positive mental health benefits for you and your child. 

For many of you who may find time as a challenge, experts suggest that books on tape are a great addition to reading one on one. It helps with their listening skill which must be acquired before they can read themselves. Well there you have it, another National Day I never knew about but happy to celebrate! 

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!