Nature Recharge

This week I enjoyed chill-paced runs during our pandemic spring break. Which also included a break from social media which is why these are “#lateposts” pics. My intention for the week was to recharge and reset with my boys; doing easy miles of running combined with uphill strides to allow my body to heal and repair. The weather has been perfect for getting out and immersing ourselves in nature; This week we got a dose of the Yosemite mountains, waterfalls, and redwoods. Half Moon Bay beaches, and lots of local hiking and skatepark adventures.

Being out in nature is my go to anxiety and stress reliever.

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, nature offers stimuli as it captures and calms your mind. If you’re feeling uninspired, a change of scenery is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Studies have shown that spending days in nature improved problem-solving skills by 50%.

When you are surrounded by towering mountains, the breaking waves of the ocean and running rivers; you will always get that sense of wonder that you are a part of this amazing beauty of nature.

Get out there, take a break, and breathe in a dose of nature.

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