Physical and psychological self-care is not a reward; it’s part of the process.

We live in a busy world and when life becomes stressful and overwhelming, “time for ourselves” is usually the first to get put on the back burner. Worse, there’s that guilt that many of us feel when we carve out time to do something good for ourselves.

Starting to prioritize “you” will be challenging, but understanding the reasons why it is important is a good enough motivation to make self-care a part of your life routine. Here are three of the many reasons why self care is important:

•Taking a break/rest can make you more productive, resilient, and more focused.

•“Me-time” allows you to recharge and refuel so you can be at your best every time.

•Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. #selfcare