The Runner’s High is Real

Day 135 #runningstreak: 8.2 miles 

No matter where I am or what the weather condition is like; my day to day now includes a run outside for at least a mile or more. It has been 135 days and I have ran in different terrains and routes; including parking lots, icy sidewalks, snow-covered roads- battling rough winds and pouring rain. Places and pathways I would not have thought of exploring if I didn’t have the, “I must run today”mindset. 

 I absolutely struggle some days. There are mornings when my legs feel like heavy bricks. Days when I feel super-duper lazy to get out of my pjs. I remind myself how amazing it always feels after every run. That runner’s high is real! To add to that, the feeling of accomplishment of breaking my own streak record. My record broken from the day before and tomorrow will be yet another PR. It’s the small things to continue feeling motivated. It doesn’t matter how long the distance or how much I struggle during the run, the feeling at the end is always consistent.  The relief I get from stress and anxiety is priceless. Get out in nature, walk, run, hike. You will notice the difference on your mental health instantly, especially when you stay consistent!