Unleash Your Inner Beast

Spartan World Championship

My sister and I completed a grueling Spartan Beast World Championship challenge. Closing up our Spartan Race rings, which means completing the Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, and Spartan Beast race. Just a few months earlier, we ran the Spartan Super together in the back hills of Monterey, California. Super has 25+ Spartan Obstacles and 8+ miles of rugged terrain. This second race in the Spartan Trifecta, is where you prove to yourself you’ve got everything it takes to face the Beast. It was fun yet exhausting and it certainly helped prepare us for the next. 

We arrived in Lake Tahoe the day before the event and stayed at a nearby lodge. The race took place in Squaw Valley, the same venue where the 1960 Olympic Games was held. This Beast of a race is known for it’s difficult, insane, and unforgiving terrain. We survived 40 obstacles, over 16.5 mile-course that climbs to an elevation of 9,000 feet and a swim in 40 degrees, ice-water lake.  

The gun shot signaled the race to start. “A-WOOOO!!” can be heard from all the other amped, excited and anxious racers. A steep uphill to start us off the trail. Then you’re climbing walls, carrying weight up and down hills, crawling under barbed wire, and swimming in icy, freezing water. Then battling the intense winds at the top of the mountain in your drenched clothing and shoes. 

There were moments when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it to the finish line; I was freezing, I was soaking wet, I was exerted. I had to dig deep and power through. I saw fellow racers collapsed on the trail with medics coming to help. I had some cuts and bruises that I didn’t realize I had until the next morning. They had us sign a waver for a reason that we can certainly get seriously injured and even die. But we don’t think about this at all when we are focused on exploring our limits of endurance. 

The camaraderie in the mountains was the strength that all of us athletes had. Grateful for all the other racers I met along the way and especially thankful for my race partner, my partner in crime, my sister, who took this journey with me. Similar to how we are in our day-to-day life, we pushed each other and supported each other to the finish line. We conquered one difficult, strenuous test of our physical and mental strength. Keeping in mind; “What doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you”. We got through it with bruises, cuts, body aches, but most importantly, we walked out of there with confidence; believing in ourselves that we did it! We are a couple of “bad ass” sisters!